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From the Non-Profit Internet Archive ( ”Our Archive-It team is collecting URLs that we should put in the Wayback Machine related to the events in Ferguson, MO. Please contribute and/or share widely, especially to those in MO or who might be able to identify at-risk web content.” Boost - copies of the same information submitted are not a problem, if you see anything that might be taken off the internet (like a social media post) please drop the link here!

i’m just tryna get my dick wet tbh., 2014
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Lana looks so different


sometimes i feel like people with a whole lot of followers see a good post by someone without a whole lot of followers and go 

i’m gonna make you famous

they do! *thank u fuckyeahsexanddrugs*

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4 Slivers of Hope, 2014

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What the fuck is wrong with this country

History Time!



This is a quick overview of what happened to Tulsa, OK’s “Black Wall Street” in 1921.

The black population grew to prominent, too successful, so they were literally massacred. They were bombed by the US government. The United States of America sanctioned the firebombing of the black population of a major city to prevent “a Negro uprising”.

Most people don’t know which US city was the first in history to be attacked by air, and this is why

*Link is slightly broken. Add the T to “riot”

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all time best message I’ve ever received ever
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